Saren Ouk with signature Num Pang (sandwich)

Saren Ouk grew up in a Cambodian household with four sisters, with him being the only brother. He loved watching his mother cook and was amazed by his mother’s skills in the kitchen using only a pestle, mortar and knife. He noticed how his mother expressed her love through food and would often help her prepare food for the family. Little did he know his calling had been in front of him all this time.

Saren was an artist by heart and wanted to become a multimedia artist. After high school he became the proud father to his beautiful daughter, Paris. The pursuit to this dream had to wait. Providing for his daughter took priority. For years he held multiple  positions in the food industry and was always in awe of the orchestration that goes on in the kitchen. Saren continued to move up in the industry and he gained more experience than he could imagine. His passion to explore food and bring new experience continued to grow. A new dream ignited.

As Madison developed into a foodie city and more people seek to try new things, Saren realized, now is the time for Madison to experience a new traditional flavor and bring Cambodian cuisine to light. Lemongrass, Cambodian fusion, inspired by his mother’s cooking and Saren’s desire to explore new flavors, came to the front burner.

“Food has amazing powers! Through its fundamental appearance, scent, sound and taste, food can take you to blissfulness and create unforgettable moments. As we continue to evolve so does food. My drive is to bring traditional Cambodian dishes and flavors in new ways for everyone to experience. My goal is to find ways to bring the old and new together that’ll satisfy all taste buds.”

– Saren